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"We won't stop until we find the truth"

The agents job is to report anything paranormal he/she comes
across to the FPI headquarters. This may involve personal experiences,
something you've read in a book, heard in the news or anything else you might
want to share with the experts.

Casefiles the FPI cannot handle, will be dealt with in cooperation with the SAPA
organization, they have a lot of experience and contacts, not only in Scandinavia
but also around the world.

Selected material from the casefiles will be displayed, for everyone to see, at either
SAPA or the FPI site.

You don't have to be an exceptionally active agent to be one. We welcome everyone.
You'll also get a personalized "badge" to paste on your homepage if you have one that is.
Further, you'll get the FPI newsletter every now and then in your E-Mail.
Thanks, and welcome to the FPI, Federation of paranormal investigators.

To join, just send me an E-Mail.